Play FAB Blitz To Have Endless Amounts of Fun

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Flesh and Blood Blitz is an online, interactive, multiplayer game involving epic plays and wild interactions with awesome cards for the sake of fun. Is a great place to learn more about these cards.

In the game, you share an epic journey with other players. To enjoy the game, you have to follow a social contract that promotes player interaction. The social contract you abide by is the rules of the game. These rules are:

  • Each deck contains 40 cards as well. This includes 1 hero card, and 11 inventory cards (weapon, equipment)
  • You deck can contain no more than 2 copies of a single card.
  • Your deck can only have cards that are of the same class as your hero card.
  • If you are playing competitively you deck must comply with additional standards.
  • A typical game last 10-15 minutes and will end once one player has no more life points.
  • You must abide by the rules of the game. Moreover, each player must accurately keep track of their own life totals.
  • According to official tournament rules, each game should last a maximum of 30 minutes, and all series should be a best of 1
  • Any cards that you bring into your deck must be legal according to the tournament rules.

These rules may seem a bit confusing at first, but by simply playing Flesh and Blood, you will quickly see why this is the most fun trading card game to play. The style of play is fast paced, and it is quick to learn. Moreover, the starter decks offer a ton of versatility and replay ability. If you’ve been looking for a new trading card game that can be played by anyone, it is time to give flesh and blood the chance it deserves!

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