These EDH Commander Decks Are Too Much Fun!

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The most obvious reason for the creation of most games is to enhance the experience between people and hopefully have fun at the same time. This same principle is what the EDH games are continuing to base their reason for existence. Start playing EDH now at

As with most games, EDH has both the fun side and the competitive side of the game. Competition can also be fun and here are some of the decks that may help you combine the two.

The Great Distortion of Kozilek

This uncommon commander move has its basis in artifacts, Eldrazi, and artifacts. The basis of this deck is to cast out Kozilek by gaining enough mana. You can experience a lot of fun in this deck by using cards like the Ineffable Ugin and the mystic forge.

The Tiro of Meletis and Kynaios

The strategy behind opting for this deck style is slightly off the common way of playing EDH. The fun part about this deck is that you help your opponent’s instead of fighting or being against them. This is how you gain points playing this deck. Fun in the game involves interactions brought by cards like Tempt with discovery. Propaganda, which is an interesting way of naming a card, actually keeps you away from attacks.

The Boundlessness of Morophon

This card is fun on its own accord. Apart from being versatile, it is a shapeshifter plus allows you to choose any tribe of your choice and keep it as your main theme. This means that you can build around this play using any tribe. Whatever you can imagine that is in the game is at your disposal. The fun part about this deck is that Morphon’s Ability is better with Fist of suns. This makes every card that you choose, free to cast. You can use the Vanquisher banner to play a chosen creature.

Keep in mind that there are several playgroups, styles, and commanders that you can employ to enable you to build the deck that helps you have fun.

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